Practice your Qi Gong daily!

“Gain a wealth of knowledge for relaxing Mind, Body & Spirit”

Qi Gong

To cultivate good health it is important that you practice your Qi Gong daily.  In doing so, you will find a valuable coping mechanism that is readily available in stressful situations by reminding us to breathe deeper, slower, quieter and more regular to ‘drink from the source’ by reconnecting Mind, Body and Spirit!

Qi Gong

The root of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is built upon a vitalistic and qualitative understanding of human nature, that dates back some 10,000 years.  The body is viewed as a microcosmic universe where the inner organs and their functions are classified according to their properties of Yin and Yang (Taoism).  Our Qi (Energy) influences Jing (Essence) and Shen (Spirit), and is seen as the link between the physical body, mind and higher consciousness.  When Qi is flowing freely, there is good balance between Yin and Yang, and therefore good health.  Qi Gong is a gentle physical meditation renowned for rebalancing Yin and Yang, and there is very strong evidence to support that regular Qi Gong practice has a positive effect on the human body’s Brain Function, Central Nervous System, Respiration, Digestion, Blood Pressure, Cardiac Function, Red and White Blood Cell Count, and Immune System (Ming et al, 2011, pp. 17-22).

Reference: Ming, L, Schweizer, M, Jun, H, Mei, L 2011, Qi Gong in Chinese Medicine, People’s Medical Publishing House, China.


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