Tuina Massage

“Gain a wealth of knowledge for relaxing Mind, Body & Spirit”


Tuina (Tway-Nah) Massage remains an effective modality that can benefit many Health Conditions.  Dr. Davey Pinder (TCM) is qualified and registered to monitor and interpret the quality of energy flow (Qi) through the meridian systems and correct any imbalance using Tuina Massage with additional manual therapies such as Acupressure, Cupping, Gua Sha (Spooning), Moxibustion (Warming), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Lifestyle and Dietary Advice or through the prescription of Chinese Herbal Formulas (Patented Pills) and Chinese Exercise Therapies (CET) such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong.  Tuina Massage can also provide an alternative to Acupuncture for children or clients who suffer from needle phobia.

Note:  Tuina massage is traditionally performed whilst fully clothed, however appropriate disrobing would be required for incorporated oil massage, Cupping, Gua Sha and Moxibustion, etc.

Although the exact workings of TCM are not understood from a Western viewpoint, Tuina Massage remains an effective modality that is distinct from all others in its unique philosophical and physiological understanding of the human body and health.

*Initial & Return Visits are 60 minutes in duration (actual massage may vary from 45 – 50 minutes during each treatment)

Tuina (Chinese) Massage

Chinese Massage originated during the second century B.C. and soon spread to India and Egypt.  First known as An Mo, it is also one of the original components of the ancient practice of TCM.  Tuina simply translates as “Push (Tui) and Grasp (Na),” while its philosophy is greatly aligned with the Taoist tradition and represents an evolved and internally coherent therapeutic that has emerged through several millennia of cultural experience.

Similar to Traditional Acupuncture, Tuina Massage is holistic in nature and through a vitalistic and qualitative understanding of human nature; health is achieved through Yin and Yang forces coexisting harmoniously to support the body’s inherent natural healing abilities.  ‘Best treatment is prevention’ being one of its main principles, it addresses the total human being (Mind, Body & Spirit) and also incorporates the relationship between the individual and their surrounding environment.