Esoteric Acupuncture

“Gain a wealth of knowledge for relaxing Mind, Body & Spirit”


Wu Wei Health can indulge your senses by offering the latest innovation to healing arts; Esoteric Acupuncture.  Dr. Davey Pinder (TCM) is qualified and registered to monitor and interpret the quality of energy flow (Qi) through the meridian systems.  He is then qualified to select an appropriate Esoteric Acupuncture ‘pattern’ to align, strengthen and harmonise the energies of the chakras within your body systems.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Lifestyle and Dietary Advice or Chinese Exercise Therapies (CET) such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong may also be suggested.

Note:  All Acupuncture needles used are pre-sterilised single use filiform needles with guide tubes as per Australian Standards

An Esoteric Acupuncture Treatment feels similar to that of Reiki – like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around the receiver to leave a feeling of peace, security and wellbeing that can last up to one month after your session.

*All sessions are 90 minutes in duration and recommended monthly.


Davey Pinder received his qualification in Esoteric Acupuncture – Level 1 in 2010 and Esoteric Acupuncture – Level 2 in 2011, during Dr. Mikio Sankey’s Melbourne visits.

A Gateway to Expanded Healing

esoteric acupuncture body

Esoteric Acupuncture focuses on the utilisation of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Theory, along with the Hindu Chakra System, Sacred Geometry and the Qabbalistic Tree of Life,” – Dr. Mikio Sankey (PhD, LAc).

Dr. Mikio Sankey has developed a modern holistic treatment system that can rebalance Qi flow within the various body systems to create a more harmonious frequency within our energy field.  By working with the seven physical body chakras, especially our Heart Chakra, his unique method has the ability to ‘lock in’ a new balanced ‘energetic encoding’ via geometrically patterned Acupuncture points to establish a stronger connection with higher spiritual realms.