Qi Gong

Great news! Separate to my school in South Yarra, I’m conducting weekly ‘Qi Gong & Wellness’ classes on Wednesdays at 7pm and ‘Tai Chi’ classes on Sundays at 8:30am @ The Danny Frawley Centre, located at the home of The St.Kilda Football Club, RSEA Park – Studio One, 32-60 Linton Street, Moorabbin.

Click this link to secure your place: https://www.dannyfrawleycentre.com.au/gym/

“Gain a wealth of knowledge for relaxing Mind, Body & Spirit”

Class Structure

Wu Wei Health Qi Gong classes also consist of initial stretch and warm up sequences followed by correct posture and breathing fundamentals.  You will then be able to learn several Qi Gong to build your Qi, ranging from basic to more advanced forms to promote improved balance, flexibility and strength as an investment in your general health and wellbeing:

  • Zhan Zhuang  (Standing Meditation)
  • Qi Ben Gong  (Core Essential Technique – Lung & Heart)
  • Wu Xing Qi Gong  (Five Element Sequence)
  • Wu Qin Xi  (Five Animal Play)
  • Taoist Ba Duan Jin  (Eight Pieces of Brocade)
  • Guigen Qi Gong  (Restoring Natural Harmony)
  • Yi Jin Jing  (Muscle/Tendon Changing Classic)
  • Xi Sui Jing (Bone Marrow Cleansing Classic)
  • Dao Jia Qian Ba Zuan  (1008 Drilling Hands)
  • Wudang Baguazhang  (Eight Trigram Palm)

Qi Gong is renowned for its ability to assist the rebalancing of Yin and Yang, especially with regards to emotions.  The practice of Chinese Exercise Therapy (CET) is therefore of great assistance as a modern coping mechanism for stress and emotional imbalances that also has the potential to reinforce individual health plans when a client is away from the clinic.

Note:  Wear comfortable loose fit clothing, runners or sneakers and bring some water

Venues:  St Josephs Parish Great Hall, 30 Fitzgerald St, South Yarra, VIC (off Chapel St near Jam Factory).  Off street parking available behind the church accessible via Arthur St (call if boom gate access required). Bookings available – contact Davey directly on 0417164627 or via email: info@wuweihealth.com.au

  • Saturdays 9 am

Danny Frawley Centre, RSEA Park – Studio 1, 32-60 Linton St, Moorabbin VIC (home of The St.Kilda Football Club).  Off street parking available.  Bookings available via the link: https://www.dannyfrawleycentre.com.au/gym/

  • Wednesdays 7 pm

*All classes are approximately 50 minutes in duration



Dr. Davey Pinder (TCM) began his Martial Arts training in 1973 at the tender age of 7 years. Progressing from Junior Victorian Champion with his initial discipline of Judo, he also studied Muay Thai with Billy Manne (Zen Do Kai) before discovering the wonders of Chinese Internal and External Martial Arts in 1995.  He has since studied Muay Thai and Tai Chi Chuan with Tao Jaiphet (CMAF), and Tai Chi Chuan, Zi Ran Men Qi Gong and Cheng Shi Baguazhang with Master Liu Deming in Richmond, Melbourne.

He also studied Shaolin Kung Fu with Master Craig Raynor and Dim Mak with Grand Master Pier Tsui-Po in Murrumbeena, and in 2012 travelled to the ‘Home of Tai Chi in China’ where he was invited to study Wudang Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Chi Jian (Sword) and the highest form of Qi Gong (Wudang Baguazhang) with Master Yang at Wudang Taoist Kung Fu Academy, Zi Xiao Gongdian (Purple Heaven Palace) in the very famous and magical Wudang Mountains.

As an Instructor Member of Wushu, Tai Chi & Qi Gong Australia (WTQA), Dr Davey’s latest achievements include winning 4 gold medals and 2 silver medals at the 20th WTQA National Championships held in August 2018, where he was awarded the greatest honour of overall Male Qi Gong Champion for the third year in a row.  He was the overall Male Tai Chi Champion for 2016 & 2017.  Davey also presented his extremely successful Qi Gong workshop “Ancient Qi Gong practice for modern energetic medicine” at the very prestiduous Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Annual Conference (AACMAC) held in Melbourne, May 2014, to encourage other Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners to prescribe practical CET in their clinics.  In November, 2015 he conducted another Qi Gong workshop for AACMA teaching Wu Xing (5 Element) Qi Gong to over 40 practitioners with the author Master Liu Deming’s blessing.  More recently, Davey successfully presented Wu Xing Qi Gong at AACMAC held in Sydney in May 2018, to further encourage TCM practitioners to prescribe CET in their clinics.  In August 2019, Davey won 2 gold medals and 1 silver medal at the 2nd Australian International Martial Arts Festival and plans to compete in China in the near future.

Qi Gong

The term Qi Gong translates as ‘energy work’.  Qi means ‘air’, ‘breath’ and ‘energy’, which emphasises the importance that breathing plays in transmitting the atmospheric energy of air (Zong Qi) into the human body.  Gong or Kung means ‘skill’, ‘achievement’ or ‘work’ and refers to any work that “requires a lot of time and effort to achieve.”  Qi Gong is a physical meditation that has four main applications: Health, Longevity, Spiritual Enlightenment and Martial Arts.

Note:  There is now very strong evidence to support that regular Qi Gong practice has a positive effect on the human body’s Brain Function, Central Nervous System, Respiration, Digestion, Blood Pressure, Cardiac Function, Red and White Blood Cell Count, and Immune System (Ming et al, 2011, pp. 17-22)

Reference:  Ming, L, Schweizer, M, Jun, H, Mei, L 2011, Qi Gong in Chinese Medicine, People’s Medical Publishing House, China.